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O and P Publishing welcome you! We are an independent O&P company that markets brochures, books and products to Orthotic and Prosthetic professionals and institutions interested in building their referral sources.
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Our first publication, the 'Orthotic Pocket Reference' was published in efforts to educate referral sources about the wide range of orthoses available in the industry and their indications for rehabilitative utilization, with the ultimate goal of incraesing referral sources.
The Orthotic Reference is available in 2 sizes:
Pocket Reference (5-3/8" x  3-5/8") 
Desk Reference (11- 1/2 x 8-1/2")
Our second publication 'Lower Limb Amputation- Post-operative Care' is due for release Spring 2009.. This 8 page reference book is written in layman terms for the lower limb amputee and provides them information on their : Rehabilitation Team , What to Expect following Surgery, Post-Operative Rehabilitation, First Prosthesis, Definative Prosthesis and Rehabilitation Goals.
Future projects will include addtional O&P publications along with unique marketing materials designed to enhance your practice and build O&P referrals.
Thank you for your support!
Daniel Cole CO/LO


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